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Chemistry is all around us
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This project has been funded with
support from the European Commission


Six training packages on the topic of chemistry are available.

The aim of the training packages is to provide learners (i.e. chemistry students at school level and adult learners) with basic knowledge and skills on Chemistry related issues.

The training packages are:

For each of the thematic area, 2 or 3 topics were identified. Each of the Topic of the Thematic Area is organized according to the following structure:
  • An Informative introductory text. This text is written in a scientifically oriented language. However, the information has been kept simple and essential, so that even the less experienced users, independently by their age, level of instruction and personal cultural level can understand without difficulties.
  • A collection of Links providing access to a selection of relevant websites that can be useful to further understand the topic presented. The web sites are organized in different sections: Videos, Books, Web Sites, Articles.
  • A set of two Interactive activities. The activities address different level of knowledge of the users and propose practical experiments to be carried out easily at home or in classroom/laboratories.
  • Exercises also structured according to two – three levels multiple choice questions.

Each training package is available in two languages: English and the national language of the authors.