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Chemistry is all around us

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The "Chemistry is all around us" Project

The Project

The identified background of the project idea relies on the evidence of the limited diffusion of scientific culture and awareness. Promoting Life Long Learning strategies for scientific issues is more difficult, compared to other subject areas because when the...

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From this section it is possible to access to each project partner description. There are seven partners involved in six different European countries. The transnational partnership includes 5 universities, one training organization and one technical partner.

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The Chemistry Is All Around Us project is funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme Key Activity 1.

The Chemistry Is All Around Us Project intends to:
  • Carry out a comparison between the strategies implemented for the promotion and diffusion of Chemistry in the six European countries involved
  • Develop strategies and tools for the promotion of lifelong learning in scientific subjects and in Chemistry in Particular

The project is addressed to:
  • Teachers, adult teaching providers and trainers working at all levels of the educational and training systems.
  • Students of all level of the educational and training systems of the countries involved.
  • Adult learners.

The project activities are organized into 3 main Work Packages:
  • Identification of barriers and success factors in Life Long Learning of scientific subjects
  • Development of a European Strategy for the promotion of Life Long Learning in Scientific Subjects
  • Production of education and training material

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