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Partner Meetings
1st Meeting, Genoa (IT), March 15-16, 2010
The first project meeting took place at the University of Genoa on March 15-16, 2010. Marilena Carnasciali, the project's coordinator, presented the partners a detailed description of the project and of the activities to be carried out. For each project activity a methodology to carry it out was proposed, discussed and adopted. The meeting was also an opportunity for the project partners to get to know each other. At the end of the meeting all of the project partners had a clear view of the future project's implementation.
2nd Meeting, Berlin (DE), September 6-7, 2010
The second partners’ meeting was held on 6 – 7 September 2010 in Berlin (DE) at the site of DAA. The project partners analyzed and reviewed the activities carried out as well as the results reached. Also the future project activities were planned focusing in particular on the development of the educational package. The meeting was also dedicated to a revision of the financial and administrative rules and to the check of the expenditures made so far.
3rd Meeting, Genoa (IT), 31 January 2011
The third partners’ meeting was held on 31 January 2011 in Genoa (IT) at the site of the University of Genoa. The project partners reviewed the activities carried and all final results reached. The following day’s final conference dedicated to the project was also discussed. The meeting was also dedicated to a final check of the financial and administrative rules.
Final Conference, Genoa (IT), 1 February 2011
The project final conference was held on 1 February 2011 in Genoa (IT) at the site of the University of Genoa, Faculty of Chemistry. Both Italian and European experts presented and analyzed different aspects of lifelong learning of Scientific Subjects in Europe with a focus on Chemistry. About 50 people attended the conference
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