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Chemistry is all around us
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This project has been funded with
support from the European Commission

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Chemistry in Everyday life

Carbon cycle

Step 1 - Activities

Let’s observe aerobic respiration

We can engage in the following activity to answer these questions;

In which functions does oxygen take role in the life of an organism?
Which organic materials do the organisms in energy production use?
What is the respiration equation in your opinion?

Place the CO2 binding potassium hydroxide (KOH) crystals wrapped in cotton together with the sprouting peas in a volumetric flask as seen in the figure above.

Secure the volumetric flask using a stop cork with a single hole and the glass capillary tube is placed in the container with the colored fluid in it.

What kind of a change was observed in the experimental setup?

The sprouting peas perform aerobic respiration releasing CO2 in the above activity. KOH binds the CO2 produced as a result of respiration owing to its CO2 binding property. Since the amount of gas decreases in the volumetric flask, the liquid in the glass capillary moves upwards.